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Proteus Sports & Racings Cars, the company who produce a flawless ‘Evocation’ of the ground breaking and spectacularly beautiful Jaguar C-Type have recently been acquired by Hofmann’s Henley Ltd. The previous owner of Proteus, Nigel Forsyth, very sadly passed away in 2017 and since then his late wife Linda and Chris Randall of Hofmann’s have been working together continue the build of the Proteus C-Type. 

Chris Randall of Hofmann’s Henley says, “I was lucky to have spent several years working alongside Nigel Forsyth whilst assembling and distributing his wonderful cars. Nigel was a great businessman and friend and during our time working together we have made many major improvements to the car. The business has never been in a better position to move forward, with a very well resolved product and this deal gives us solidarity for a bright future. I can’t thank the team at Proteus enough for all their help during the transition” 

The Proteus C-Type combines an exquisite Coventry built aluminium body, utilising state of the art ‘superformed’ panels with a rebuilt period Jaguar engine, modern brakes, modern adjustable suspension and robust engine management. The C-Type received a near perfect 4.5 stars during review by EVO magazine who described the car as ‘timelessly gorgeous’ whilst comparing it to similarly exclusive products by Singer Porsche and Eagle E-Types.